Our Story

Front Door of Bargello Needlepoint, Tuckahoe, NY

Hello! We’re Christine and Leslie, friends and founders of Bargello Needlepoint. 
Needlepointing is so much more than a hobby and business for us. We stitch to connect with loved ones, to meditate alone, to add beauty to the world. Chic, colorful designs delight us. The potential of a hand-painted canvas inspires us. A finely finished product makes us feel Beyoncé-level accomplished.

Why Bargello? The name originates from a “flame stitch” pattern found on a series of 17th century chairs in the Bargello palace in Florence, Italy.  

Bargello Needlepoint is a full-service shop that honors its classic namesake while celebrating modern style. We offer a carefully curated array of sophisticated canvases, a spectrum of gorgeous fibers, all the necessary accessories, as well as first-class finishing services.
We invite stitchers of all skill levels and ages to join us in creating community from a common thread: a passion for this timeless, transformative craft.
Christine & Leslie


About Christine
Hometown: Princeton, NJ
Favorite projects: Anything geometric – especially Bargellos
Favorite place to stitch: In a comfy chair while watching sports with my family
Why orange: Princeton Tigers
About Leslie
Hometown: Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
Favorite projects: Anything red, white and blue
Favorite place to stitch: Outside surrounded by friends

Why purple: Northwestern Wildcats