Artists and Fibers

Fiber wall at Bargello Needlepoint


We are thrilled to feature needlepoint canvases in our Tuckahoe store by the following artists. Don't see an artist you love? Please let us know. We can also order canvases from any other artists.

A Poore Girl Pants

Hello Tess

NPJ Designs

A Stitch in Time

Initial K Studio

Oz Needle and Thread

Abigail Cecil

J Child Designs

Patti Mann

Alice & Blue

JCB Stitches

Paula Manning

Alice Peterson

JP Needlepoint

Penny McLeod

Alt Stitchery

Jean Smith Designs


Amanda Lawford

Jeni Sandberg

Pip & Roo Needleworks

Ann Kaye

Jen Laine Designs

Pippin Studio

Anne Brinkley Designs

Joel Newberry

PLD Designs

Anne Fisher

Judaic Designs

Poppy's Designs

Ashley Flynn

Judy Tasch

Rachel Barri Designs

Atlantic Blue Canvas

Julie Mar

Raymond Crawford

Audrey Wu

Kangaroo Paw

Sally Corey

Bad Bitch

Kate Dickerson

Sarah Elizabeth Studio

Birds of a Feather

Kate Mason

Sara Fitz

Carolyn Gavin

Katie Ridder

SCT Designs

C'ate La Vie

Kathy Schenkel Designs

Sharon G

Caitlin Peters Needlepoint

KCN Designs

Silver Stitch

CBK Needlepoint

Kirk & Bradley

Skooter Designs

Colors of Praise

Kristine Kingston


Cooper Oaks Designs

Lauren Bloch

Stitches By Sinclair

Creative Needle

Little Stitches

Stitch Rock Designs

Crude Needlepoint

Lizzie Clark

Stitch Style

Dana Gibson

Love You More

Susan Battle

Danae Designs

Machelle Somerville

Susan Roberts

Danji Designs

Maggie Co.

The Collection Designs

Designs by Karen

Marianne Ensz

The Point of it all

ditto! Needlepoint Works

Melissa Shirley

The Princess and Me

DJ Designs

Meredith Collection

Thorn Alexander

Dream House

Mimi in Stitches

Tout Le Monde

Elizabeth Crane Swartz

Mopsey Designs

Unique NZ

Eva Howard

Morgan Julia

Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery

Evergreen Needlepoint

Mrs. Blandings


Fire and Iris Designs

Needle Crossings

Wipstitch Needleworks

Froopy Designs

Needle Deeva


Grant Point Designs

Needlepoint by Laura

Ziggy Stitches

Halcyon House Designs

Nenah Stone


Hedgehog Needlepoint

Nooxie Noble


We carry all of our favorite fibers:

DMC Pearl Cotton Size 3 & 5

Planet Earth Silk


Fyre Werks

Silk & Ivory


Neon Rays

Silk Lame Braid

Very Velvet

Pepper Pot Silk


 Vineyard Silk