Christine was inspired to make a hat band to wear at her inaugural SMU football game.  It was quick, easy and super satisfying!

1) Choose a pattern - Christine chose this Bargello that worked well because the pattern fit within her desired width. 

2) Decide on a width and length - we recommend using brown 18 mesh canvas.  Length is determined by hat size plus an 1-2" depending on how you plan to attach the ends to your hat.  Be sure to measure hat band length with your hat on your head! For width, Christine's core pattern was 15 stitches wide. She extended the pattern to reach her desired band width plus she added a whip stitch in blue to both sides. You could always choose to do two extra rows or a binding stitch instead of a whip stitch. 

3) Once you have completed your stitching, cut away the extra canvas, leaving about 1/3" of unstitched canvas to either side.  Fold the excess canvas behind the design so that it begins to take on the proper shape.  Christine used binder clips to help encourage the shape.

4) Using a hot glue gun, glue the excess canvas to the back of the canvas.

5) Christine chose a 1" wide grosgrain ribbon.  Using the glue gun, adhere the ribbon to the back of the canvas design. Place the band under heavy books to ensure the glue sets well.

6) You can either leave extra ribbon on the ends and tie a bow/knot OR Christine used that extra 1" of stitching to use no-sew adhesive velcro for a clean finish.






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